Jobseekers on one side – recruiters on the other side. And in between there is Onyx Circle: making these two sides meet.

At the moment, the entire world of work is undergoing significant structural changes. The news are dominated by company closures and job cuts. In Switzerland, hundreds of jobs are lost every day. But a very positive dynamic trend within the current job market shows that lost jobs are replaced by even more new jobs. Digitalisation leads to sustainable changes on the job markets but it does not eliminate jobs. Disruptive technologies, artificial intelligence and autonomous systems do not make humans dispensable. However, analytical and intellectual abilities become vital skills. Lifelong learning becomes a must. Flexibility and personal responsibility become more important: clever employees want to decide when and where they work. And all in all, this leads to a higher need for highly qualified tasks. In short: processes and tasks will differ from the ones we are experiencing today.

Onyx Circle brings those talents and companies together that want to create a meaningful future. We are headhunting specialists within the areas of Construction & Real estate, Engineering & Manufacturing and Digitalisation. Our specialisations are based on our wide network within these industries that makes us a strong partner when it comes to finding and retaining key personnel, and our high-quality talent database that contains a wide range of ideal profiles for us to source from. We are constantly on the forefront in terms of new trends and technologies, and we develop new recruiting methods and services whenever needed. First and foremost, we can count on a dedicated team that possesses profound recruiting know-how and personal professional experience and in-depth knowledge of the market requirements within the areas of Construction & Real estate, Engineering & Manufacturing and Digitalisation.

This makes us self-conscious and assertive – the same features found in the precious stone onyx. We use this self-consciousness and assertiveness to bring exceptional applicants and exceptional companies together.

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For employees
  • application handling
  • services after commencement of job
  • career consultancy
  • figures & facts about the companies 
  • proactive cooperation
  • proactive status messages
  • contractual employment
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  • Headhunting
  • Permanent job
  • Replacement
  • Project placement
  • Management consultancy
  • Executive Search
  • Payrolling
  • Outsourcing
  • Succession management

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