Are you looking for a new challenge? Or dynamic staff?

The best way to find interesting employers and qualified employees is to work with us.

The world of work is undergoing massive structural changes. Digitalisation is changing the labour markets in a sustainable way without eliminating jobs. Utilisation of disruptive technologies, artificial intelligence and autonomous systems do not make humans dispensable. In the future, however, work processes and tasks will differ from the ones we are experiencing today. 


Onyx Circle brings those talents and companies together that want to create a meaningful future. Our wide network within these industries makes us a strong partner when it comes to finding and retaining key personnel. Owing to our teams that include every role from creative networking experts to process-oriented researchers, we rely on a broad and personal knowledge base when we advise and assist our customers with an individual focus.

We are constantly on the forefront in terms of new trends and technologies, and we apply new recruiting methods whenever needed. Apart from offering attractive jobs and qualified personnel we also provide a wide range of additional services such as career planning for employees and project management/contracting solutions for employers in order to ensure success.


You have the professional qualification.
We have the matching career.

It is good to have a job. Having an inspiring job is even better. – In a personal meeting we will find out how satisfied you are in your current work situation, tenure or career. We will also find out what is important to you and whether or not a new job would benefit you.  Based on your needs, talents and competencies we will define some promising, realistic work goals for you, look for new job opportunities and challenges for you and discreetly keep you informed about our progress. If you want us to we can also assist you in planning your future career and accompany you through professional processes of change. 


You need more resources and have too much work?
We have the best qualified personnel for you.

No matter what you are looking for – a manager, an expert or generalist – we either know the perfect person already through our database or we will find the right talent profile for you within the market. We identify suitable candidates through our broad network of recommendations through headhunting or social media. We deal with all functions at all hierarchical levels, ranging from project or team leaders to C-level positions. Our main focus is to assist your company in achieving the best possible results through our highly qualified candidates, both in permanent positions and contracting.