Job search

The right strategy for your job search

The nature of the job search is multifaceted. In order to get your dream job as quickly as possible, it pays to devise a strategy that takes several of these options into consideration. To make this work, you can find out everything you need to know about active and passive job searches here.


Broadly speaking, we can divide the job search into two parts:

  • active job search
  • passive job search

A distinction is made here between the type of search. That is, whether you are actively looking for a new position or whether you prefer to let HR professionals find you and wait for inquiries.

Active job search

Once you know your basic job requirements and also what you can offer your future employer, it is time to start your targeted job search. Location identification will help you actively search for jobs, as there are a lot of jobs available on the Internet and in the media. If you know your requirements, you can filter out the suitable jobs much more efficiently. You know the job title, your desired workload and also the location where you would like to work? Perfect! Then it's time to search.

Active job search includes the following procedures:

Apply to job postings on the Internet

The Internet offers by far the largest range of products. This can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. Because a large selection also means many unsuitable job offers that you should filter out.

On the Internet, we distinguish between different types of job platforms:

  • Non-specialized job platforms: Here you can find vacancies for all professions.
  • Specialized job platforms: These websites contain only one job group at a time. This allows the search to be much more precise.

Unsolicited applications

Do you have a specific company in mind, but unfortunately they are not currently looking for new employees in your field? Then it's time for a speculative application. Because just because a company doesn't explicitly advertise this position doesn't mean that they aren't hiring new people at all. Maybe this company doesn't even know that it needs new employees like you.
And if your dream employer is not hiring anyone at the moment, the company still knows your name and skills. So if you are interesting as an employee at a later date, the company will approach you.

Search jobs on social media

Social media can be used for active job searches. For example, many vacancies are published daily on LinkedIn and Xing. Recruiting via the video platform TikTok is also becoming increasingly trendy.

Using your own network

The so-called "vitamin B" can simplify your job search immensely. Tell your network that you are currently looking for a new challenge. Your contacts may know someone who is looking exactly for you.

Use the help of recruiters

Headhunters can also make your job search a lot easier. They will not only approach you if you fit a job advertisement. You can also contact recruiters directly and use their services. For example, you can simply send us your resume and we - Onyx Circle AG - will help you find your dream job. Because with our specially developed processes, we will accompany and support you all the way to the concrete implementation of your career prospects.

Passive job search

Passive job search is about you presenting yourself as an attractive employee. As a result, companies and contracted headhunters will approach you as soon as you fit one of the open positions. So you do not have to search for a new position on your own.

To be seen by recruiters and hiring managers, you should position yourself properly on the Internet.

Being found on social media

The social media LinkedIn and Xing are designed for professional contacts. So if you want to use passive job search, you should definitely revise your LinkedIn and Xing profiles, respectively, and position yourself clearly.
In addition, you can join groups that are active in your field.

Positioning as an expert in your own blog

An own blog or generally an own homepage, on which you can position yourself as an expert, becomes more and more popular. Especially in areas where creativity is required, having your own website is a good idea. Don't forget to link and promote your own website on your social profiles.

Closing words

Would you like to take your job search one step further with the help of experienced headhunters and thus find your dream job in the fields of construction and real estate, engineering and manufacturing or digitalization? Then get in touch with us. We look forward to helping you further!

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