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Even at the end of the year, it pays to actively search for a job. Especially in the fall, the job market offers a good starting position, since the summer slump in jobs is over. HR professionals now have
more time for job applicants again. But also December offers good chances. Because if
in January all by the New Year's resolutions a new place to look for, lies your application already with
the Recruitern before.
But so that you can use this prologue also completely, it requires the correct
self-presentation. Companies should notice how valuable you are as an employee - you
should do personal branding.

What is personal branding?

As soon as a person's personality, strengths and qualifications come to the fore, he or she is engaged in personal branding, i.e., self-marketing. Companies use the same principle
to present themselves as a brand.

Self-promotion includes aspects such as:

1. convey a clear message
2. An individual style
3. Conveying relative content for your target audience
4. Present as an expert

Your appearance to HR professionals plays a key role in personal branding.
After all, you want to stand out from the crowd.

How do I use personal branding in my job search?

To present yourself as an ideal employee, you can ask yourself the following questions:

- How do I want to be perceived by companies?
- In which area am I good or which area fascinates me?
- What are my ideas and goals?
- What do I want to represent as a "brand me"?

Strategies of self-marketing

Depending on what you want to use personal branding for, the strategies differ.

Online appearance

For most people, sharing their lives on the Internet is a matter of course - both privately
and professionally. The professional social media channels LinkedIn and Xing in particular
are ideal for presenting yourself as an expert. Especially since your (former) work colleagues can confirm your
skills there.

In addition, you can publish your own articles about your area of expertise and thus attract the attention
of companies. Demonstrate your knowledge and qualifications. Of course, you can also do this
via your own website or blog.

Marketing yourself in the job interview

You can do your strongest personal branding in a job interview. Because that's exactly what it's all about
: that you present yourself, your strengths and your qualifications.

So it makes sense to consider in advance what you can offer your future employer
and know what you are worth. Especially the careful preparation of these points
provides you with the perfect basis. If during the interview the recruiter asks why
exactly you should be hired, you will be prepared. This will allow you to give a professional
and confident answer, without thinking for a long time.

Do marketing for yourself during the job interview!

Closing words

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