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Career changers - why, why, why?

Is it time for a career change? Maybe you realize that your career goal is not feasible in your current industry and so a lateral entry into a new industry or profession is something for you. Currently, you can find several hundred lateral entry jobs on the job market.
We talk about a lateral entry when workers leave their old field behind and pursue a new challenge in either a new industry or even in a completely new profession.

Reasons for a lateral entry

Of course, the reasons can be quite different:

  • Dissatisfaction or unfavorable prospects in old job/industry
  • In search of a completely new challenge
  • Better salary (long term)
  • Pursue the career originally desired

Whatever your motivation, this decision should not be a spontaneous one. A career change means learning a lot of new things and therefore also requires a high willingness to learn. After all, you are leaving your familiar environment. But this can of course be a great advantage.


Before you start looking for a new job for your lateral entry, you may want to ask yourself some questions about your
Ask yourself to prepare. For example:

1. why should I make a new start?
2. what profession do I want to pursue now? / In which industry do I want to dive? - And
3. what skills and strengths do i have?
4. what experience and qualifications do i have?
5. what added value will a change bring me and what added value can I offer a company?
to a company?
6. do I already have initial experience in the new profession/industry?

When interviewing for a lateral entry job, it is not uncommon to be asked about your motivations. So the six questions above will also serve you directly in preparing for an interview.

Opportunities and risks as a career changer

A great advantage that you bring with you as a career changer is your knowledge from the old area. This can be very helpful for your new employer, as you can "think outside the box" and think and act across divisions.

You yourself have the advantage of being able to enter a field with a higher salary and perhaps even turn one of your hobbies into a profession now or discover a new passion in general.

Due to the lack of experience in the new challenge, a longer training period is needed. Be prepared to learn and accomplish a lot. Assertiveness is also needed when applying for jobs. Probably the biggest hurdle is standing out and scoring points in the job search. Especially when more experienced candidates are also vying for the open position. But fortunately, there are special jobs and further training for career changers.

Requirements for lateral entry

Depending on which profession/industry you want to enter, you will need certain further training beforehand.
With the necessary character traits - such as discipline, willingness to learn and perseverance in particular - you can quickly gain a foothold and realize your new dream career. So already show in your application that you can offer the company added value!

Suitable industries for career changers

Career changers are in demand almost everywhere. Anyone who wants to take on a completely new challenge should definitely take a closer look at these three industries:

IT industry:
Thanks to constant digitization, the IT industry is growing indispensably. And just how important digitization is for our society has been demonstrated more than enough in recent years. It is also changing the economy and especially the labor market in a sustainable way. This naturally offers many jobs and good opportunities for career changers.

Construction industry:
The construction industry is booming and there is a desperate need for workers there as well. The construction of buildings - from the small garden hut to roads that we use every day to skyscrapers - requires a lot of planning and work steps. Starting with the initial idea and ending with the exact realization of the building structures - skilled workers are needed for every step. A very good starting position for career changers.

Human Resources:
Areas such as HR are essential to almost any organization. The more important it is to hire enough and the right employees in these areas. Career changers are also welcome here.

Closing words

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