Social recruiting

Do you already use social media to search for new employees? Especially if you want to address young talents, this method is great. There is hardly anyone in Generation Y or Z who does not have at least one social media channel.

In general, we can no longer imagine our lives without social media and they are omnipresent. Make use of this! How does that work? - You can find out in this blog article.

What is Social Recruiting?

Social (media) recruiting is a type of employee search. A wide variety of social networks are used for this purpose. For many, it is absolutely normal to be on social media in their free time. As a company, you can take advantage of this and address both active and passive seekers in this way.

Why should companies do social recruiting?

Having your own company channel for marketing purposes is no longer a novelty. But more and more HR professionals are now discovering that this can be used just as efficiently for employee recruitment.

In addition to the classic career sites LinkedIn and Xing, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc. can also be used. The focus there is primarily on employer branding. Employer branding is about building a good image and positioning the company as an attractive employer.

However, social recruiting is also ideally suited for active employee searches, as job advertisements can be published or recruiters can contact professionals with interesting profiles directly.

Posting ideas

If you want to try social recruiting but aren't sure how to get started, we have a few suggestions for your career profiles:

  • Ask your colleagues what they like most about your employer. To build up sympathy directly, you can also integrate more unusual reasons (for example: "Because of the shared after-work beer every Friday" or "Because of our Töggelikasten tournaments during the lunch break").
  • Give insights into your company. You can have colleagues talk about their work or film a tour of the office.
  • Accompany corporate events. Here, short videos are particularly suitable for Instagram Stories, Instagram Reels or also for TikTok and YouTube.
  • Post job ads. This is not only possible via LinkedIn and Xing, but also via the other channels. For example, you can post the link to the job posting and a short
    summary in the form of an image. But a video also lends itself here, in that the supervisor briefly introduces the job.

To add variety to your feed, you can vary the type of posts - sometimes an image, then a video, polls, or even stories.

Closing words

Social recruiting is an effective way to reach new talent. But sometimes a little support still can't hurt - that's where working with a headhunter is a very good choice. As headhunting specialists in construction, real estate, engineering and manufacturing, or digital, we have other methods to connect you with talented professionals. Get in touch with us and we'll be happy to help.

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