Labor market trends

Labor market trends 2022

The Corona pandemic has had a major impact on the labor market, which is not only noticeable in the advancing digitalization. But what lessons and trends can we take away from last year? Find out here.

Job boom

Currently, the labor market offers a large number of open jobs. This is because it is recovering more and more strongly. In addition, we are in an employee market. Many companies want to compensate for their losses as quickly as possible - and for this they need personnel. The challenge is just to find the right employees. The right strategy and good employer branding are needed now.

Job and industry change

The pandemic has led many employees to rethink their career situation.
The survey conducted by StepStone in the summer showed that one in two
employees would like to invest time in looking for a new job.
And quite a few were considering a change of career or industry. The
means that jobs for career changers in particular are in high demand. This will also be the case in 2022

Collect recruiting relevant data

As a company, it is essential to know how good your application process is and how popular you are with job seekers. To do this, however, the right data must be collected and evaluated. You can find out what this is and how it works in our blog article "Das 1×1 für Recruiter"(The 1×1 for Recruiters | Employment and HR Consulting | Onyx Circle (
There we go into more detail about the most important recruiting metrics.

Home Office

What was once almost unthinkable is now commonplace: working from home. In the meantime, the
home office has become indispensable. This will remain the case even after the pandemic, as many people do not
want to do without it. It is no longer uncommon for job search portals to include home office among the filter options.

Diversity and sustainability

Diversity and sustainability came more and more to the fore last year. This is also the case when looking for a job. Job seekers prefer to apply to companies that promote diverse teams and
sustainability in all senses.


Talk about salary early

One topic that is usually only discussed at the very end of the application process is the expected salary. Yet this is precisely one of the most decisive criteria for whether a
contract is signed. It is time to address topics such as salary more transparently.

Address passive job seekers

Passive job seekers are not directly looking for a job, but would only change it
if they happened to see an interesting job offer. That's why a
company should always distinguish between active and passive job seekers when addressing its target groups
. Because both groups require their own way of addressing.
Social media is particularly well suited for drawing the attention of passive seekers to one's own company. Many spend their time after work on the Internet and especially like to use social media. Provide insights into your company, about your culture as well as your daily work routine.
However, employee recommendations and targeted writing to interesting profiles are also very useful in this case. Publications in trade magazines and online media also help to draw attention to yourself.

Promote employees

New employees can be hard to find. This makes it all the more important to promote and rely on your own
employees. For example, vacancies can be filled with existing
Of course, this has the advantage that they already know your company.

Closing words

Do you need help finding new employees? Or are you currently looking for a job yourself and could use some support?

Then get in touch with us. As headhunting specialists in the fields of construction and
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. We look forward to it!

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