The 1×1 for recruiters

The search for new talent does not always go smoothly. However, there are some aspects you can consider in your recruiting process. In this little guide, you will find our 1×1 for recruiters.

The search for skilled workers

Do you know which skilled workers are needed in your company and which
requirement profiles exist for them? For an efficient process, you should get in touch with the relevant specialist department at an early stage and clarify which qualifications the new employee should bring with him or her.

Employer Branding

Be visible as a company. Nowadays, employer branding, i.e. the image you have as an employer, is the be-all and end-all of a successful application process. Therefore, deal with your image and position yourself as an attractive employer. Otherwise, you may find yourself at the back of the queue. Use rating portals - such as Kununu - to communicate with former applicants and employees or create social media channels for HR to provide insights into the company.

The job advertisement

The job posting, or the title, is often the first thing potential candidates see of your vacancies. To make a positive impression, you should pay attention to the following points in the advertisement:

  • Create a separate web page for each vacancy instead of just a PDF. These can be quickly adapted and are also accessible via keywords.
  • Use meaningful advertisement titles. The place of work can also be mentioned in the title. This way, job seekers know directly what you are looking for.
  • Use bullet points. This way it is much clearer and more appealing.
  • Keep it real when it comes to requirements.

Make absolutely sure that potential candidates get all the important information at a glance.

As simple as possible

Make the submission of the application as simple as possible. Who likes to fill out a never-ending questionnaire for an application? The more complicated your application process is, the fewer applicants are willing to go through it completely.

Involve recruiters

Depending on the position, cooperation with personnel consultancies can be advantageous. Especially if you cannot invest much time in the search for suitable employees. Personnel consultants - like us - often have extensive databases and their own methods to find the best candidates for you.

Use all channels

Find out how you can best reach your target group and use this knowledge for the search. In addition to advertising via your website, you should also consider other channels.

At the point a few examples:

  • Social media
  • Posters, flyers or notices
  • Advertising banners on websites
  • Trade journals and media
  • Job portals and job exchanges

Especially unexpected or original job offers catch the eye, stay in the mind and lead to enthusiasm.

Interview questions

For most, the second step in the application process is the job interview. To get to know their counterpart better, most HR professionals ask standard questions. For the interviewee, this has the advantage that you can prepare yourself optimally and thus do not get stressed during the interview. As a recruiter, however, you also have the opportunity to add variety to your questions. This will give you more spontaneous answers. Stress questions provide just that. You could ask the following stress questions:

  • Trick questions: Is today a bad day or do you always act like this?
  • Brain Teaser: At what angle are the minute and hour hands at 3:15 pm?
  • Provocations: Why was your last boss unhappy with you?
  • Analogy questions: What household appliance/animal/subject would you be?
  • Funnel questions: Keep checking in on a topic to discuss it in more depth.

But be considerate of your applicants and don't overdo it. Many are already very nervous in general.

Measure recruiting metrics

Like everything, your hiring process can and should be revised, adjusted and improved again and again. To do this, you need to carefully analyze your approach and all the data you collect. We recommend the following analyses:

Application completion rate

How many prospects actually submit the application? This value shows you how user-friendly your requirements are.

Application completion rate (%) = (applications submitted / applications abandoned) x 100

If you get a low rate, this may be due to the following reasons:

  1. The application takes too long or is too complex.
  2. The tool is not mobile device optimized or has other problems.
  3. You ask for too much (irrelevant) data from applicants

Measure qualified applicants

More is not always better. Imagine you get 100 applications, but only three of them are relevant. Too many unqualified applications will rob you of time and money.

Quota of qualified candidates (%) = (candidates who pass the screening phase / total number of candidates) x 100

You will get the best results if you prepare a separate invoice for each procurement channel. This way you can quickly find out which channel is relevant for you and which you can safely leave out next time.

Costs recruiting process

Budgeting your recruitment campaigns provides an initial estimate of expenses. For the recruitment of a new employee, these are some of the costs that may be incurred:

  •  Advertising costs
  • Costs for the administration
  • Working time
  • Other expenses for candidates
  • Losses due to unfilled positions

Now the amounts only have to be entered into the formula:

Hiring costs per month = recruiting costs / new hires per month

Setting duration

How much time does your company need to hire new employees?

Hiring period in days = contract closing date - day of application

Hiring times that are too long should be avoided at all costs. On the one hand, every day causes administrative costs and losses due to unfilled positions. In addition, a long waiting period is detrimental to the candidate experience.

Contract completion rate

Do they all accept your job offer or do your candidates still decide against you at the last second? To find out, you can calculate the acceptance rate:

Contract completion rate = (contract completions / job offers) x 100

If your rate is too low, it could be due to the following reasons:

  1. Their benefits and pay rates are not competitive.
  2. Your hiring process is taking too long.
  3. Poor Candidate Experience

Interview-offer ratio

This metric shows you how many interviews you conduct per vacancy. On average, this value is one to three interviews.

Interview to offer ratio = interviews / offers

If you are not satisfied with this value, you should revise and tighten your decision-making processes.

Settings quality

The application process is over and your new employees have been hired. But how good are the new employees? To assess this, you should keep an eye on their performance and then analyze it.
First, you need a precise list of which criteria (quality indicator) are important for your company. Then you evaluate each new employee and distribute points. Now you can insert the points into the following formula:

Quality settings = (quality indicator 1 + quality indicator 2 + etc.) / number of indicators

Here you decide for yourself what value a qualified employee must achieve.

Feedback from the applicants

You can gain further insights into your recruitment process as well as the candidate experience by completing a feedback form.

Closing words

Do you need help finding suitable talent? We can do it for you! As headhunting specialists in the fields of construction and real estate, engineering and manufacturing, and digitalization, we have the necessary recruiting expertise and personal professional experience, as well as a high-quality talent database. Would you like to work with us? You can find more information as well as contact details on our homepage. We look forward to hearing from you!


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