Employer Branding

Nowadays, it's not just job applicants who need to make a good impression. It is also important for companies to present themselves as a good employer. This is the only way they can stand out among all the other companies and ultimately hire the best employees. To achieve this, companies need to engage in employer branding. What exactly that is and how you can implement it, you will learn in this blog article.

What is employer branding?

If we translate employer branding into German, it comes out employer branding. And that's exactly what it is. Employer branding is about strengthening your own corporate brand so that you can present yourself as an attractive employer. As a result, skilled workers naturally want to work for you much more than for your competitors. Nowadays, companies have to actively do something to find employees. Because the competition for talent is getting bigger and more difficult. Employer branding combines concepts from both marketing and branding in order to position yourself in the best possible way on the labor market. It is worth mentioning that marketing for the labor market is completely different from marketing for customers and cannot simply be adopted. It is not enough to position oneself as a great employer only on the outside. Because it also has to be lived in the company. The keyword employee retention plays a central role here. If employees are happy and appreciated at the company, they automatically engage in employer branding and inspire potential applicants for your company. What's more, all your efforts will appear much more authentic.

How can employer branding be implemented?

If you want to engage in employer branding, you need to be strategic and well prepared. As a basis, you should first develop your Employer Value Proposition (EVP), i.e. the added value you offer employees. In the EVP, you write down all the offers, benefits and advantages that your (future) employees have. It is best if you can offer something very special that no one else has. In addition, you should also consider criteria such as attractive salaries, good career opportunities, a great working atmosphere and, of course, a good work-life balance. Once you know what you have to offer as an employer, it's time to present it to the outside world.
present it. Show yourself on social media, career pages and your own website. Involve your work colleagues from other teams and let them represent the company. For example, with statements, short videos about the company culture and tours of the office. But written content also helps here. You can distribute important information with newsletters, your own blogs and regular job updates. All the measures you implement make your company more tangible, which makes interested applicants feel more connected right from the start.

Employee Opinions

The most important point to start with is to find out how your current employees or work colleagues feel. To do this, you can either talk to them directly or conduct (anonymous) surveys. This will give you a sense of how others perceive the culture and the work. Questions like the following can be asked:

- What do I find particularly great about my employer?
- Where do I see a need for improvement?
- What does my employer stand for?
- What makes us so special as a company / employer?
- Why should people apply to us?

There are many more questions here that you can ask to fit your goals. Based on the
the answers you receive, you can take steps to improve your employer brand on the one hand
on the one hand, and use the statements for your online presence on the other.

Closing words

Sometimes it happens that the search for employees does not go entirely smoothly despite employer branding. But that's not a bad thing, because we can support you in your search. As headhunter specialists in the fields of construction and real estate, engineering and manufacturing, and digitalization, we know how to get you the best talent. Feel free to contact us!

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