How do I find personnel?

When it comes to finding the best professionals for your company, there are a number of methods companies can use to put together their perfect mix. In this guide, we will introduce you to the individual methods. This will give you the optimal overview to take your recruiting to the next level.

Employee recommendations

An important tool in the recruitment process are the recommendations of your employees, which is also called vitamin B. Because this has a great advantage for both sides. You can get hold of new skilled employees quickly and without complications and get directly involved in the application process. Potential applicants, on the other hand, learn first-hand what the working atmosphere and the tasks are like. Your employees therefore advertise your company in the form of employer branding. Employee recommendations happen as a reference in the application, verbal or written references, or even by forwarding contact information. To create incentives, you can introduce a reward program and give employees a cash bonus or vouchers if their referrals successfully complete the application process or pass the probationary period.

Internal recruitment

Another option available to you is internal reassignment. This can save you the cost of the application process. In addition, the company and the demands are known. Internal reassignments are especially valuable if you need to eliminate certain positions, but don't want to lose your employees. In this way, you give existing staff the opportunity to develop further, which can also increase motivation and efficiency in the long term.

Job portals

Probably the most widely used method is publishing a job posting on job portals and job boards. This is a sensible action, because many job seekers browse the job portals on the Internet. However, a certain strategy is needed here, because there are now numerous job platforms - both specialized in individual occupational areas and non-specific platforms. It is always an advantage to know your target group and where you can reach them. Spreading your ad widely can be very expensive and time-consuming in some circumstances. Especially if you receive many unsuitable applications. Therefore, consider in advance on which job platforms you will publish your vacancy. If this is clear, job portals can bring a good personnel search.

Own homepage

Applicants who have a great interest in your company will search for job offers directly on your website. That's why we advise every company to keep its own page with job openings. For this purpose, you can use the job postings that you publish on job portals.


Working with headhunters is a great method if you need support in your personnel search or simply do not want to or cannot spend so much time searching for suitable specialists. Headhunters usually have a large database of specialists at their disposal or can take over the active approach and initial interviews with potential employees for you.

Social media channels and business networks

This type of personnel search is called social recruiting. Social media channels are particularly suitable for providing insights into your company and areas of responsibility. Employer branding also plays a big role here. With photos and videos, you can bring the world closer to your company. However, it is also possible to directly address applicants and publish job advertisements via social media and especially LinkedIn and Xing.
Via social media, you can especially address talents of generation Y and Z, because mostly young people nowadays own at least one social media channel.

Closing words

One of the presented possibilities is cooperation with headhunters. If you would like to give this a try, you have come to the right place! As headhunting specialists in the fields of construction and real estate, engineering and manufacturing, and digitalization, we have successful methods when it comes to bringing companies and talent together. Get in touch with us today.

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