Mobile recruiting

We live in a world that is no longer imaginable without cell phones and tablets. In Switzerland
, nine out of ten people already own a smartphone by 2020. In addition, more than 40%
of all page impressions on the Internet are already made from a mobile device (smartphone, tablet).
A change that we are also feeling in recruiting.

Why you should use mobile recruiting as a company?

For many, the job search is a great challenge, especially since an application is often once
associated with great effort. One reason why some often decide against sending a
application for vacancies. This is a pity, because exactly these people could fit to the
Mobile applications - that is, an application that can be done completely via a mobile device
- can counteract this. Most of us have our smartphones handy around
the clock. When job seekers see a job offer and can complete the entire application
immediately using their mobile device, the completion rate is visibly higher.
In the 2020 study "Acceptance & Opportunities of the Mobile Application" by Jobspreader
, it is shown that in Switzerland 48% of all job ads were accessed using a mobile device

What is important about the mobile career site?

When it comes to mobile recruiting, user-friendliness is a top priority. That is exactly why
there are some points you should consider when implementing the mobile career site:

  • Responsive web design: Your website must be easily readable and usable on both smartphones and
    tablets. It should be able to adapt to the respective
    screen format.
  • Optimized application form: For mobile applications, online forms or so-called one-click applications (applications with just one click
    by uploading the resume or via LinkedIn and Xing) are particularly suitable.
  • Application hurdle: The greater the effort required of applicants, the more likely
    it is that applications will not be completed. For this reason, make sure that you
    only include as many form fields as necessary or do without a cover letter.
  • Loading time of the website: Make sure that your career page loads quickly. This
    generally applies to all websites.
  • Accessibility of the career page: In addition to the good readability of your texts, also ensure the
    appropriate choice of words for your target group. In addition, you should make all clickable areas
    large enough so that there are no problems with linking.
  • Data security: Especially with online forms you have to ensure the security of the entered
    data and point out how your data processing looks like.


Mobile recruiting focuses on the initial contact with potential applicants. That's why
you should make the application sending step as easy as possible. This can be done via

  • a short form,
  • an upload option for the resume,
  • a one-click application via LinkedIn / Xing
  • or be the prompt of a phone call
    . Keep the job posting short and sweet with an appealing title and
    clickable areas large enough to click.


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