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Why you should work with recruitment consultancies

Finding a new job or qualified employee can be challenging. But fortunately, there are personnel consultancies that are happy to support you. Are you unsure whether working with a recruitment consultancy is right for you? Then here are the advantages and reasons for cooperating with recruiters.

Advantages for job seekers

Let's start with the benefits for job seekers. Here are some ways in which recruiters - like us - can support you free of charge.

Support during the application process

Personnel consultants are there for you during the application process and guide you unerringly and step by step to your new job. In addition, we can give you tips and tricks for your job search and show you how to stand out from the crowd.
But that's not all - we will also look after you after you have started your job and will be there for you.

Knowledge about the companies

Personnel consultants have information about their clients - in this case about the companies they are looking for. They are happy to pass on this information to make it easier for you to prepare for interviews and decisions, because people like to be asked about their level of knowledge about the company during job interviews.

Efficient communication

Good communication is one of the most important elements when it comes to cooperation - also when it comes to cooperation with personnel consultants. This is demonstrated by the feedback discussions about yourself, your appearance in (practice) interviews and also about your application documents.

Help with the search for vacancies

Companies sometimes contact recruiters directly without advertising the vacant position on the Internet. As a job seeker, you can take advantage of this, as you will have fewer competitors for open positions. In addition, personnel consultants have databases with companies that are looking for employees. There you can also find further information about the companies. Of course, we will be happy to inform you as soon as we have new jobs that fit your profile.

Advantages for companies

But there are also many opportunities for companies when you work together with personnel consultants.

Use personnel consultant:inside network

Personnel consultants not only have a database of companies, but also databases of professionals. Our network is your advantage! We know professionals who are looking and are already in conversation with them. This enables us to find suitable candidates for you more quickly.

Expertise in the field of recruiting

Personnel consultants often have in-depth knowledge in the field of employee recruitment. As a company, you can take advantage of this and seek advice. Our headhunters are also specialists in the field of recruiting.

Vacancies are expensive

Unfilled positions can quickly become expensive. That's because in addition to the time recruiters spend, there are also advertising and administrative costs. Every day the position is open means a loss. You can calculate how much you are effectively paying for an unfilled position as follows:
Hiring costs per month = recruiting costs / new hires per month.

Reduced effort

As a company, you benefit from not having to process all applications and pre-selections on your own. While the personnel consultant:inside takes care of this and subsequently presents you with a small, suitable choice, you can take care of the upcoming day-to-day business.

Remain anonymous

To ensure that your competitors do not find out directly that you are looking for new specialists, your company remains anonymous for the time being. Later, the applicants will be told which company the personnel consultant:in works for.

Closing words

You are convinced that the cooperation with a personnel consultant:inside will help you? Then do not hesitate and get in touch with us: Contact

Onyx Circle

At Onyx Circle, we bring qualified candidates together with companies that are shaping the future together in a meaningful way. Our focus is always on the individual as a whole. As a specialized recruitment consultancy based in Zurich, we have developed into a competent partner for permanent vacancies in the areas of Construction & Real Estate, Engineering & Manufacturing, Finance & Controlling, HR & Administration and SAP & IT. With our dedicated team, we guarantee a first-class service, progressive recruiting approaches and absolute discretion.